Dr. Vincent Ling

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Senior Director - Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Ling is a biotechnology innovator with a diverse background in protein engineering, cell line production, molecular immunology, stem cell differentiation, antibody/alternate scaffold technologies, and cell based therapy. Currently Dr. Ling is a Senior Director at Takeda leading bioactive materials-centric therapeutic efforts within Pharmaceutical Sciences - Materials and Innovation Group. Prior to joining Takeda, Dr. Ling was Head of Biological Sciences developing Encapsulated Cell Therapies at Neurotech. He has also held positions as Vice President at Dragonfly Sciences and Director of Molecular Genetics at Adnexus (Compound Therapeutics). He has also held various scientific roles in Discovery Research at Genetics Institute / Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Ling graduated from UC Berkeley, awarded an M.S. and Ph.D. from University of Illinois, and received post-doctoral training at the Harvard University Biological Laboratories.