Panel Discussion: Regulatory Translational Science Focused on Commercialization Challenges for Surface Modification and their Characterization: SIG-SQUARED

Timeslot: Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 1:45pm to 3:45pm
Track: Industry
Room: Yakima 2


This session will illuminate the tools, standards, and approaches to Surface Characterization leading to the assessment of the safety, effectiveness, quality, toxicity, public health impact, and performance of FDA-regulated surface modified products. Although this topic is focused on the Surface Modification and Characterization combining perspectives with the Biomaterials and Medical Devices Commercialization SIG, the session can inform a broad audience on the demands of regulatory translational science when developing a modification to a surface (such as nano-texturing or drug coatings) to commercial use. We will examine how Regulatory Science can be different from the science of biomaterials research.


  • 1:45 PM 261. Invited Speaker,

  • 2:15 PM 262. Invited Speaker,

  • 2:45 PM 263. Invited Speaker,

  • 3:15 PM 264. Invited Speaker