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Seattle has always been a high spot for global health, medical innovations, and cutting-edge biomedical research. Similarly, the Society has been the core hub for excellence in biomaterials by bringing together an international community of academic researchers, industry scientists, clinicians, regulatory professionals, and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and to learn recent developments in basic and applied biomaterials research. Seattle thus provides an excellent setting for the 2019 Society For Biomaterials annual meeting, which will be a “pinnacle” of biomaterials innovation and excellence to educate, learn, and collaborate across various scientific disciplines including materials science, biology, engineering and medicine for improving human health.

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Rick Horwitz is the inaugural Executive Director of the Allen Institute for Cell Science in Seattle. Previously, he was a University Professor and Harrison Distinguished Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Virginia. He also served as the Director of the Cell Migration Consortium: an NIH-funded multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary collaboration.  Read more...

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